Gamers around the world have been striving to occupy a position in the top list of successful players, which is a feat that not many people manage to achieve. Dampening of one’s drive to become a professional gamer usually stems from the falling fame of certain gamers. Unlike what the amateur players think, professional gamers have a hectic life that demands them to be active for more than ten hours a day. All of this effort is only backed by the chance of winning with the skills, but most often they lose.

Not everyone can win at a game always, and this gaming that comes with no guarantee of making money, in the long run, allows only a few gamers to be successful. Life of a professional gamer is quite different from what people have conceived it to be. Several cases have been reported in which excess gaming has resulted in drug abuse, sexual harassment, and lack of sleep. Here are a few other dark realities of professional gaming that you must know if you are aspiring to become a gamer.

Not a Long Career

Professional gamers do not usually have a career that lasts long. They mostly play with their minds and not bodies; so they do not have the scope of developing their skills over time for a particular game. Most professional gamers end their career in their mid-20s because they would have lost their reflexes and dexterity at that stage of life. Only 40 players from the 27 million gamers who play League of Legends managed to make it to the North American pro team. Chances for success is also small, and even if you make it, all of it ends soon. Professional gaming is a short career for more than 95% of players.


Lack of Social Life

It is common for all pro gamers to lounge in their chairs to have a good time playing the game by munching onto their favorite snacks. Most of them spend their young days following this routine of eating, playing, and sleeping. Some players spend more than 15 hours on their desktop playing games, thereby ruining their health and social life. None of these practices can help a player in having any other luxury in life except for the money.

Drug Abuse

Pro gamers are accustomed to sitting through gaming sessions for long hours. Many of them rely on drugs to increase their focus on the game; some of them even take more obscure drugs that could be more harmful than they can possibly imagine. Regular intake of such drugs could lead to severe health problems, which may only start manifesting symptoms at a later stage in life.

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Sexual Harassment

The territory of gaming comes with sexual harassment as an intrinsic feature. As long as the industry exists, this practice is likely to thrive at all times. Not many female professional players are on these platforms. But for all those who attempt the games, sexual harassment is almost an inevitable evil. A lot of inappropriate talks is happening on the platform between male and female gamers.