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Latest News

4 Dark Realities Of Professional Gaming

4 Dark Realities Of Professional Gaming

Gamers around the world have been striving to occupy a position in the top list of successful players, which is a feat that not many people manage to achieve. Dampening of one’s drive to become a professional gamer usually stems from the falling fame of certain gamers. Unlike what the amateur players think, professional gamers have a hectic life that demands them to be active for more than ten hours a day. All of this effort is only backed by the chance of winning with the skills, but most often they lose.

Not everyone can win at a game always, and this gaming that comes with no guarantee of making money, in the long run, allows only a few gamers to be successful. Life of a professional gamer is quite different from what people have conceived it to be. Several cases have been reported in which excess gaming has resulted in drug abuse, sexual harassment, and lack of sleep. Here are a few other dark realities of professional gaming that you must know if you are aspiring to become a gamer.

Not a Long Career

Professional gamers do not usually have a career that lasts long. They mostly play with their minds and not bodies; so they do not have the scope of developing their skills over time for a particular game. Most professional gamers end their career in their mid-20s because they would have lost their reflexes and dexterity at that stage of life. Only 40 players from the 27 million gamers who play League of Legends managed to make it to the North American pro team. Chances for success is also small, and even if you make it, all of it ends soon. Professional gaming is a short career for more than 95% of players.


Lack of Social Life

It is common for all pro gamers to lounge in their chairs to have a good time playing the game by munching onto their favorite snacks. Most of them spend their young days following this routine of eating, playing, and sleeping. Some players spend more than 15 hours on their desktop playing games, thereby ruining their health and social life. None of these practices can help a player in having any other luxury in life except for the money.

Drug Abuse

Pro gamers are accustomed to sitting through gaming sessions for long hours. Many of them rely on drugs to increase their focus on the game; some of them even take more obscure drugs that could be more harmful than they can possibly imagine. Regular intake of such drugs could lead to severe health problems, which may only start manifesting symptoms at a later stage in life.

pro gamers

Sexual Harassment

The territory of gaming comes with sexual harassment as an intrinsic feature. As long as the industry exists, this practice is likely to thrive at all times. Not many female professional players are on these platforms. But for all those who attempt the games, sexual harassment is almost an inevitable evil. A lot of inappropriate talks is happening on the platform between male and female gamers.

Esports: Everything You Need to Know

Esports: Everything You Need to Know

The world is changing with every minute, and everything in it has to evolve to its optimal form too. As technology is not planning to cease its development, the needs and demands of the people are bound to increase with time. Huge stadiums are filled with players and viewers from different parts of the world. The tournaments are becoming huger every year; so, the eSports industry is also at an all-time high, which is most likely to rise again in the coming years.

eSports agendas being pushed by the developers are increasing as the investments are piling up along with the sponsorship deals. Sporting giants such as NFL, Formula 1, and FIFA have also become a part of eSports due to this immense popularity. For anyone new to this field may find it strangely confounding. Here is a short guide that you can peruse if you want to know more about the eSports industry.

eSports- The Royalty of Gaming

Although many people get involved in the eSports business at various stages, most of them might not know the exact definition of it. eSports can be defined as video game competitions that involve professional players who have been proving their excellence over the years. It is a well-organized event that takes place every year for the fans to rush into to make money. These gamers play for the prestige and to make large sums of money. eSports are not necessarily the colourful events held at massive stadiums; they can also be the local matches that take place at small gaming halls. By 2021, the eSports industry is expected to hit a viewership of at least 560 million and is also estimated to be worth nearly 2 billion dollars.

Royalty of Gaming

History of eSports

For the people who are new to the field of eSports, everything might seem like a fresh concept. Even the people who have been making money from the industry for a long time now are not aware of the true history. Most of them consider it a fairly recent phenomenon, but it is actually an event that began in 1972. The first season of the tournament started at the Stanford University, where the students played Spacewar by competing against one another. However, it was only in the ’80s that the first true video game tournament began with around 10,000 attendees.

The Space Invaders Championship ushered in the era of video gaming where players focused on beating the high scores rather than finding their space in the organized tournament to have a healthy competition. Nintendo and Sega started holding professional gaming tournaments in the ‘90s. As the popularity of the internet grew, the whole industry witnessed a boom.

Watching eSports Games

If you are interested in watching eSports, begin your journey with YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer. There are other platforms too that broadcast eSports, but these three are the most popular ones because of the convenience. Of all the games that were played in eSports, Overwatch, League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Street Fighter, Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm, DotA 2, Hearthstone, and Call of Duty became the favorites of the viewers and gamers.

How to be a pro gamer: A glimpse down the esports talent pipeline

How to be a pro gamer: A glimpse down the esports talent pipeline

When you have aspirations to become a sports player, you have a defined path that you need to follow. You can always enrol for the high school team, and then in the college games to follow your passion for football or any other traditional sport. eSports hasn’t set an easy path to pursue a career, like in the other sports. Almost all players are left to find their way into the gaming platforms by promoting themselves right from their childhood. A talent pipeline is also a subject that is being discussed quite often in the gaming industry for a few years now because of the demand for a better platform for the upcoming talents to display their skills. As eSports is developing with every passing year, the scope for the establishment of a structured pipeline is also broadening.

Prodigies in eSports

A 17-year-old gamer named Blaze Elmore who is a Thousand Oaks native is one among the first gamers to have found a place on this platform. When he had found his forte in the game “Clash Royale” in 2016, he started persuading his mother to take him to tournaments. However, his mother wasn’t interested in taking him since he had school to attend, and she had work. She had to give in to his harangues after a few months, and he started playing tournaments right after that. Elmore won a flat-screen TV and $200 at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, which was his seventh live competition.

It was this event hosted by Super League Gaming that pushed Elmore into the bigger eSports leagues. In 2019, Elmore won almost every match at the club tournaments held by Super League club. This club had begun their journey in 2014 with the amateur multiplayer events at local movie theatres for the game “Minecraft”. Around 16 city-based club teams are organized by the company now, and all of them represent the games such as Minecraft, Clash Royale, and League of Legends.


Growth of eSports and Elmore

According to the reports, the viewership for “League of Legends” world tour was much higher than that for the Super Bowl. The Super League eSports business went public by raising around $25 million. Losses were a part of the investment in the initial days, but it managed to salvage its position in the race. Elmore was able to showcase his talents as an amiable person and a gamer while he was a part of the Super League’ Los Angeles Shockwaves club team.

The Dignitas scout averted their eyes to the performance of Elmore; they were quite impressed by his persona and gaming skills that they offered him a spot on their professional Clash Royale team. Blaze continued his work at Super League tournaments by spending several hours trying to boost his online presence. Overwatch has built a pipeline for the talents by opening up divisions for the players who have achieved sufficient feats in the competitions. Also, League of Legends has set up a similar system to make sure that the best talents are identified.

How to Invest in Esports

How to Invest in Esports

Trading in eSports is a concept that might be novel to many people even today, and it comes as no surprise because the world of gaming has several such aspects that the outsiders are yet to explore. But over the past few years, the viewership of the events have increased, leading to huge investments coming in. By 2021, the viewership expected to hit somewhere around 560 million on platforms such as Twitch, NHL, and YouTube. The revenue is also, as per the forecast, expected to reach at least $2.96 billion by the end of 2021.

Venture investments in eSports have increased since 2013, and most of this is credited to the technological evolution in the field. With all of this happening, the industry is pushing itself into a new phase this decade. eSports stocks are now actively running on the investor’s radar due to this growing popularity. Since more people are looking for ways to enter this trading option, there is a high demand for the details regarding the investments in eSports. If you are planning to put some money into these game, here is a short description of the working of eSports investments.

Invest in Esports

Evolution of eSports

It was in the 1970s and 1980s that the first competitive tournaments of video games began. World top gamers were contending for the high scores in classic games such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. eSports became more popular by 1990s with the release of advanced games and the development of the internet. Gaming tournaments were launched after this period, and the games such as Warcraft, Quake, and Counter-Strike became the most popular ones in the competition. With the tournaments held for games like Warcraft III in the 2000s, the popularity of eSports also grew. North America started pouring out love for the tournament when ESPN hosted Madden Nation from 2005 to 2008.

Generation of Profits from eSports

eSports do not function like the traditional sports that have stadiums to host the games with huge revenue generation from ticket sales. Gaming houses around the world host the tournaments of eSports, and they have been offering the best events for gamers to thrive. Sponsorship deals generate more than 95% of the money in eSports; the rest of the money comes from regular salaries, prizes, and streaming. Everyone involved in the process earns a tremendous amount of money at each stage of the tournament. Broadcasting rights for the tournament are also being eyed by the gaming publishers these days.

Profits from eSports

eSports Stocks

Among the publicly traded eSports stocks, the ones that have become popular with their revenue generation are NVIDIA, Take-Two Interactive Software, Electronic Arts, and Activision Blizzard. When you want to invest in eSports by buying shares through a broker, you have to open a brokerage account after studying it thoroughly and checking the fees involved. You need to buy the stocks with the two different orders: market order and a limit order. Once you are done with the purchase of stocks, you need to focus on optimizing your portfolio by using the right tools.

The Top 4 Current eSport Athletes

The Top 4 Current eSport Athletes

With the tag of an athlete comes accolades, money, fame, and respect. Many gamers might have had the idea of shifting their pace of gaming to be an athlete for the said reasons. It could also be a great way of earning money for a living. People have entertained this concept so that they spend more time finding avenues to become an athlete. Not all players can be successful in the big leagues because of the competition that encrusts the entire gaming industry.

The history of great achievements made by many of the players is to be attributed to their fantastic, unmatchable gaming skills. Most of these gamers have changed the course of gaming over time, and they have become the eSports athletes that the world is looking up to. Some of these players have become popular by accomplishing certain goals in a particular game. Here is a list of such players who have turned out into a brand in the gaming realm.

1.      Fear and PPD

It has become hard to relegate one of these players to the second position, which is why the first position has been awarded as a tie. The team Evil Geniuses that play DotA has had both these players for some time now. PPD is the highest-earning gamer, and Fear is on the third position in that list. The former has earned around $2.1, and the latter has bagged $1.9. In the International 2015 tournament, the team won all the games they played to take the first place by grabbing a huge amount of pool cash.

Fear and PPD

2.      UNiVeRsE

In the world of gaming, the name Saahil Arora is popular for the fact that he is an excellent player who is the second-highest earning professional. He has earned over $2.1 by playing DotA 2, and he took the first and third places in many of the DotA competitions that were held in the last few years. After his potent performance for the team Evil Geniuses at the international competition 2014, he was recognized as one of the best offlaners in the world.

3.      Faker

Faker, also known as Lee Sanghyuk, is widely recognized as the best midlaner in the game of League of Legends. He has always amazed his opponents and viewers with his comeback from the pitfalls during each game. All odds are fought exceptionally by Faker to become the winner. Faker earns over half a million dollars from his games and is the highest-paid League of Legends player.


4.      Jaedong

Starcraft is the thriving space for Lee Jae-dong. Both Starcraft: Brood War and Starcraft II have been easily quashed by Jaedong, making him the most famous player in that particular franchise. This 26-year-old player is the 34th highest-paid professional gamers in the world. Also, among all the Starcraft players, he is the top earner by making over $611,000. Some believe he has his secret charm or technology that is helping him, but none of it actually exists; he is an excellent gamer.

How to Begin Your Own Gaming Career

How to Begin Your Own Gaming Career

You can either be a random, casual gamer who is here to explore a game and have fun with online friends or take your role seriously and become a professional esports gamer. When you are considering the latter, it means that you love the idea of pro gaming and see it more than just a source of recreation. If you have been spending an hour every day in gaming to have some fun, maybe you can dedicate this time to consider pro gaming. The esports industry is growing with every new game in the market. It is the right time to consider this as a career, and here is how you can do it.

Train for competitions

The sooner you are preparing for a new game’s tournaments, the better. You need to keep up with all the gamers who have joined the game just like you. You do not want to be the last one to reach the highest skills in the game. If you are good as a genre like FPS, practice an FPS game every day until you can compete at professional level competitions. Do not be afraid of losing a thousand times. Your aim is to get your name among the pros out there and come into the radar of pro gaming leagues of the game.


Have the right setup

You cannot give your best in the game when your PC is only able to deliver 40 fps in a game you are practising. It does not matter how bad you want to level up your game if your PC is a potato. You need the right investment in your gaming gear an find a machine can give you the desired 150 fps or more so you can experience the smooth game with standard quality graphics. Refer to the gaming PCs and gear that the pro players use to create your own gaming setup.

Build a brand

Entering pro-level esports is easy. You can register your team in a pro league and come in the top 10 to appear in the news charts. But if you do not have a brand image to back your team, you will be forgotten in no time no matter how good your team performed. Even when you win the entire championship, you will have to consider building a brand right there and then. Your gaming personality will help your professional career to get more brands to work with you, only when you have your own.


Build a network

While you are planning to build your fan base with a brand name, you also need to come under the radar of your rivals and fellow gamers. The network does not mean having just your friends to hand out with, but members of popular teams, gaming brands, and other pro gamers that you admire. Get to know them actively and create an impact in the gaming community while endorsing your career among them. Introducing yourself to these people can get you more sponsorships and events in the future that will help your career.

The Best PC and Console Games Now Available on Smartphones

The Best PC and Console Games Now Available on Smartphones

We cannot deny that no matter how much we love playing our favourite games on the PC, we get tired sitting in front of it and require constant rest. The developers took this problem seriously enough to bless the gaming community with mobile versions of their games. MOBAs like League of Legends by Riot Games will soon be available on Mobile platforms, and no one can guess how it will change mobile gaming for the future. Anyways, several other PC game titles are already available on Android and iOS devices. If you have been a fan of one of the games on this list, then there is good news for you.


The biggest card battle RPG strategy game with the biggest gaming community around the world is available on mobile platforms to play for free. This game by Blizzard Entertainment is something you cannot miss in mobile gaming.


GRID Autosport

There are plenty of mobile racers available for gamers, but nothing beats the gameplay and visuals of GRID Autosport by Feral Interactive. If you want to enjoy a realistic premium racing experience, then this is the game you are looking for.

Max Payne Mobile

Every 90s kid remembers Max Payne and is connected emotionally to the character and the game due to its revolutionary game and storyline. Max Payne Mobile from Rockstar Games is now available on mobile platforms for you to relive the most engaging story of the era.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Originally appeared as an Xbox game, Star War: Knights of the Old Republic was different from any other mediocre Star Wars game. This game by Bioware is the one to look out for if you are a Star Wars fan. It is a hardcore RPG and keeps you engages in the story until the end.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

No gamer can deny that Minecraft has been the best survival game of all time which gave different perspectives to gamers about how a game can be played. Gamers have build pieces of art from monuments to sculptures, dungeons, to supercomputers withing the game. The good news is that Minecraft is available as a pocket version for mobile phones.


Tekken is a 1v1 fighting game by Bandai Namco that has always been a popular battle game among gamers. Tekken 7 is the latest edition to the PC and Consoles that have worldwide tournaments every year. Tekken is also available on mobile platforms today and provides equally entertaining fights and your favourite characters in the game.


GTA San Andreas

The most popular game in the Rockstar’s GTA series after GTA V, San Andreas is now available on Android and iOS as a paid version. You can now pocket your favourite childhood open-world game and play it anywhere you want to get back in action with Carl.

Top Esports Games of 2020

Top Esports Games of 2020

Esports is among the fastest-growing industries in 2020 due to better quality games and the current pandemic situation that is keeping people at home. The esports events are now having bigger prize pools than ever due to the growing popularity of multiplayer games. While we only knew a few multiplayer games to host esports tournaments in the past, like CSGO and DOTA2, there are several games available today that are investing in tournaments to grow their gaming community. Here is a list of top esports games to play in 2020.

League of Legends

LOL by Riot Games has been one of the biggest esports games ever since it made its appearance in 2009. This MOBA is similar to Valve’s DOTA2, where each team of five players compete in an arena to destroy each other’s bases. In 2020, LOL has over 100 million active players on PC and the prize pool reaching up to $9 million. The players are also waiting for the mobile version of LOL that will be available on all Android and iOS devices soon.

League of Legends

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CSGO has been a controversial game where the gamers are never sure of how long it can continue to be among the top multiplayer games. Surprisingly, CSGO is still one of the highest played games. It was released by Valve in 2012, and ever since then, it has been gaining popularity around the world. The prize pool for CSGO tournaments in 2020 is projected to be around $20 million with an average viewer expectancy of 200k for every game.


Fortnite was one of the fastest trending multiplayer games in its genre, even after the success of its early competitor PUBG. It is a free to play battle royale game by Epic Games, launched in 2017. Its quirky mechanics and enjoyable open-world made it popular among the younger generation of gamers immediately to become the most popular BR in the world by 2018. The expected prize pool for Fortnite in 2020 is around $7 million with average viewer expectancy of 150-200k. Considering there battle royal trend is slowly wearing off from gamers, it is hard to say how long Fortnite can make the gamers stay.


Valorant by Riot Games is the newest 5v5 FPS games to arrive in 2020, and it has taken the gamers by storm due to so many reasons. Valorant runs on the same mechanics as that of CSGO, but what makes it unique is its special ability heroes that makes the game even more challenging. There are a total of 11 different heroes to play the game in a team of five. Each hero has special abilities while keeping the FPS and game objective the same as CSGO. Riot Games has done a good job learning from CSGO and use a new idea that took it a level higher than CSGO. Although the game has newly arrived, it is growing popularity among gamers so fast that we can expect a surprise tournament news anytime soon.

Top Survival Games to Play in 2020

Top Survival Games to Play in 2020

Making survival games has always been a challenge for developers as they need to create a perfect balance between the game mechanics and keeping is real. While Minecraft has never grown old as a survival game, gamers are interested in trying out something new in the survival genre, which can create the same impact as Minecraft. Here is a list of top survival games that have the largest gaming community in this genre.


Rust starts as a very simple game which drops you clueless and naked in the middle of nowhere where you start smashing rocks and cutting down trees to build yourself tools and shelter. While you protect yourself, you can get raided by players who have already built themselves some good bases and weaponry. It may seem a bit unfair to fight an armed man with just a stick, but that is how rust is. Once you start building your own things, you will get a hand of the game and start enjoying this unfair means of matchmaking.



Scum was introduced in 2018 as an early access game on Steam and the gamers enjoyed its first appearance very much. It is set on a maximum-security prison island where everyone survives alone or with a group. The best part about Scum is the graphics and simulation type gameplay. You can track who you eat and excrete and keep a record for almost everything you carry with you in the game. The game only gets more complicated as you try to understand it more so we suggest that you only start this if you have enough time and patience to go over every little detail that will help your survival.


One of the best zombie genre games to play has to be DayZ which offers you pure survival in the apocalypse. There is not much crafting work to do, and the only objective of the game is to survive an open world filled with zombies. However, you need to make sure that you are eating and drinking enough. Also, if you get sick, you die quickly, so you need to pay attention to any symptoms that appear dangerous. It is best to be played with a partner who can back you up in wars with the zombie waves.


The Forest

The Forest is a plane crash survivor game that can turn into a bloody cannibalistic world really quick. You start by picking your wreckage from the crash site and build yourself a shelter. Soon you discover that there is a tribe on the island that feeds on human flesh. Your only mission is to not get caught by these food seekers while also keeping yourself fed and hydrated. You will build your own tents and log homes, traps, and resources to keep yourself safe from animals and cannibals. The game has stunning visual and effects and also has a VR version to add more adventure.

Top Zombie Survival Games to Play on Your Smartphone

Top Zombie Survival Games to Play on Your Smartphone

If you have been a fan of games like DayZ and World War Z, you will love this list of zombie survival games that you can play on your Android or iOS device. Zombie games are becoming popular on mobile platforms after battle royale games like PUBG Mobile and MOBAs like Mobile Legends. These mobile zombie survival games are not shot to win type games and can teach you a lot of things from building a safe house to manage your food supply so you can survive longer. You must also see that you do not get infected or devoured by a zombie.

Last Day On Earth

Last Day on Earth is a zombie MMO where your goal is to survive as many days as you can. You can only trust yourself in the game to stay alive and manage your character’s hunger, thirst, health, and resources from weapons to transport. You will also raid several locations around the map to find loot that will help you build a better survival base.

Z Shelter

Z Shelter is a post-apocalypse zombie survival game based on a region that got infected by a zombie virus and turned most citizens into zombies. Your objective in Z Shelter is to build weapons and strong shelter to survive zombie waves. You will also meet partners who will help you with supplies and protection during the zombie wars.

Z Shelter

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is a sequel to the original version after its success. The protagonist in the story travels through a zombie apocalypse to save his family. You can find different weapons during your journey to protect yourself from the upcoming zombie waves and do everything it takes to survive so you can see your family.

Last Shelter

Last Shelter is quite a different game in this genre which is based on Nation vs Nation post-apocalyptic war strategy game rather than personal survival. You take the role of a leader to build small settlements around a zombie struck the world and build your empire to go on a never-ending war with other empires.

Last Shelter

State of Survival

State of Survival is an FPS multiplayer zombie game based on a make your own story theme. You need to construct your own survival story picking up different options throughout your missions. It makes the game different from other zombie survival games that you can try out once to get the taste.

Prey Day

Prey Day is an MMO RPG zombie game that combines shooting and strategy gameplay into a single world. Every survivor’s goal in the game is to defend their base from zombies and mutants. You can explore the city and kill different types of zombies while collecting loot that will be beneficial for your base.

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