With the tag of an athlete comes accolades, money, fame, and respect. Many gamers might have had the idea of shifting their pace of gaming to be an athlete for the said reasons. It could also be a great way of earning money for a living. People have entertained this concept so that they spend more time finding avenues to become an athlete. Not all players can be successful in the big leagues because of the competition that encrusts the entire gaming industry.

The history of great achievements made by many of the players is to be attributed to their fantastic, unmatchable gaming skills. Most of these gamers have changed the course of gaming over time, and they have become the eSports athletes that the world is looking up to. Some of these players have become popular by accomplishing certain goals in a particular game. Here is a list of such players who have turned out into a brand in the gaming realm.

1.      Fear and PPD

It has become hard to relegate one of these players to the second position, which is why the first position has been awarded as a tie. The team Evil Geniuses that play DotA has had both these players for some time now. PPD is the highest-earning gamer, and Fear is on the third position in that list. The former has earned around $2.1, and the latter has bagged $1.9. In the International 2015 tournament, the team won all the games they played to take the first place by grabbing a huge amount of pool cash.

Fear and PPD

2.      UNiVeRsE

In the world of gaming, the name Saahil Arora is popular for the fact that he is an excellent player who is the second-highest earning professional. He has earned over $2.1 by playing DotA 2, and he took the first and third places in many of the DotA competitions that were held in the last few years. After his potent performance for the team Evil Geniuses at the international competition 2014, he was recognized as one of the best offlaners in the world.

3.      Faker

Faker, also known as Lee Sanghyuk, is widely recognized as the best midlaner in the game of League of Legends. He has always amazed his opponents and viewers with his comeback from the pitfalls during each game. All odds are fought exceptionally by Faker to become the winner. Faker earns over half a million dollars from his games and is the highest-paid League of Legends player.


4.      Jaedong

Starcraft is the thriving space for Lee Jae-dong. Both Starcraft: Brood War and Starcraft II have been easily quashed by Jaedong, making him the most famous player in that particular franchise. This 26-year-old player is the 34th highest-paid professional gamers in the world. Also, among all the Starcraft players, he is the top earner by making over $611,000. Some believe he has his secret charm or technology that is helping him, but none of it actually exists; he is an excellent gamer.