Release chronology

  • 2009: Released for North America for Windows.
  • 2013: Released for OS X.
  • 2016: Beta version on Japanese server started.
  • 2017: Japanese version officially started operation.
  • 2020: Scheduled to release a simplified version for iOS and Android.

Welcome To The Fascinating World Of LoL

Getting started with League of Legends (LOL) is easy. Just go to the official website and register an account. What’s more, the games that are played all over the world are free! And after registration is complete, the next step is installation. Once that’s done, you’re there, in the world of LoL! All you have to do is play. Eh, don’t you know how to do it? Don’t worry, it’s a tutorial that starts you off so you can get into all the intricacies of LoL.

League of Legends gameplay

In League of Legends, players form a team of five and assume the role of a champion, characters with unique abilities, generally varying around a type of class, and battle against a team of player- or computer-controlled champions. In the main game mode, Summoner’s Rift, the goal is to destroy the opposing team’s “Nexus”, a structure that lies at the heart of their base and is protected by defensive structures.

LoL In The E-sports World

Will it be an Olympic sport someday? Can you be one of the athletes? Did you know that the LoL World Championship winning prizes have been as much as $ 2 million, that is 2 MILLION USD! That is a great amount of money for playing a game. But to reach these levels you have to be good, and to be good you have to practice A LOT.

As in other multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, each player in League of Legends controls a character (“champion”) with a set of unique abilities. Most games involve two teams of five players, with each player using a different champion. The two teams compete to be the first to destroy the Nexus structure within the opposing base.

Over the course of each game, champions become stronger and gain additional abilities by earning experience and thereby leveling up. Experience is earned by killing enemies (or being nearby when a teammate does). Champions also build strength over the course of the game by buying progressively more powerful items using gold, which is earned by killing non-player enemies, killing or assisting in killing enemy players, destroying enemy structures, or selling other items.

League of legends gameplay

Most bookmakers are already betting on matches, so the gambling world is already excited about LoL as a sport. Besides, this site also broadcasts LOL live games. Looking at this, it’s no different from other sports.

Champions In LoL

League of Legends was originally released in 2009 with 40 champions; as of November 2020, there were over 150. Older champions has been reworked with new character designs, gameplay mechanics, and lore. Champions are unlocked by in-game currency, earned by playing, or through microtransactions.

Riot classifies its champions by classes and subclasses. Classes designate broad traits while subclasses denote offensive or protective capabilities. The major classes and their subclasses are:

  • Tanks: Are the most durable class in League of Legends, are divided into vanguards, equipped with fight-initiating abilities, and wardens, defensive tanks with protective traits. An example of a vanguard is Malphite, while Braum is a standard example of a warden.
  • Fighters: These deal moderate damage, often with melee attacks, and represent a halfway point between tanks and low-durability champions. They are typically weak to crowd control. The subclasses of fighters are juggernauts, champions with significant damage potential but limited mobility, and divers, who have high single-target damage, low area of effect, but are often highly mobile. Darius and Xin Zhao are respectively examples of juggernauts and divers.
  • Slayers: Are melee champions who can inflict higher and more reliable damage in exchange for lower survivability. They are split into assassins, offensive-oriented champions with mobility that allows them to enter and escape a fight, and skirmishers, possessing abilities that allow them to enter a fight and survive for a longer period of time without escaping. An example of an assassin is Zed, while Fiora is a standard skirmisher.
  • Mages: Are typical champions with abilities that inflict high amounts of damage with spells from range. As the class with the largest number of champions, the developer separates mages into three categories. Burst mages can lockdown and kill single targets but struggle against tanks and groups; battle mages attack from range but their kits enable them to withstand close range fights; artillery mages inflict high amounts of damage from long range, but are largely immobile and lack access to area-of-effect crowd control. Examples of burst mages, battle mages, and artillery mages are Lux, Vladimir, and Xerath respectively.
  • Controllers: Are a spell-focused class with two varieties: enchanters are able to buff allies and lockdown enemies at the cost of doing low damage, while disruptors can hinder the enemy team’s movement, interrupt their actions, and weaken them. Lulu is an example of an enchanter, while Anivia is classified as a disruptor.
  • Marksmen: Are ranged auto-attackers who stay in the backline, apply consistent damage, and are equipped to deal with tanks. There are no subclasses of marksmen. Vayne, Ashe, and Sivir are all marksmen.

The League of Legends League Is So Hot!

LoL Worlds logo

The League of Legends World Championship (commonly abbreviated as Worlds) is the annual professional League of Legends world championship tournament hosted by Riot Games and is the culmination of each season. Teams compete for the champion title, the 70-pound (32-kilogram) Summoner’s Cup, and a multi-million-dollar championship prize. In 2018, the finals were watched by 99.6 million people, breaking 2017’s finals viewer record. The tournament has been praised for its ceremonial performances while receiving attention worldwide due to its dramatic and emotional nature.

LoL Worlds stadium

The League of Legends World Championships has gained tremendous success and popularity, making it among the world’s most prestigious and watched tournaments, as well as the most-watched video game in the world. Due to its success, esports scenes became prominent and widely seen as a potential Olympics event, already being included as a medal event in the 2022 Asian Games.

There are professional teams all over the world. Besides, it’s cool. For example, Invictus Gaming in China or the logo of Team Liquid in the Netherlands. It’s cooler than the logos of baseball and soccer teams. Furthermore, the popularity of athletes is actually the same as that of other athletes. Famous Danish LOL player Soren Bjorg has 600,000 followers on Twitter? It’s too amazing.

The tournament rotates its venues across different major countries and regions each year. South Korea’s T1 is the most successful team in the tournament’s history, having won three world championships.

Want to be a legend?

As we said, all you need to do is download the game and start practicing. And even if you do not become a top-level Esport athlete, you will experience so much fun, get to know other gamers and we guarantee lots of legendary gameplay. We recommend watching the pros, either at twitch or you can find awesome videos on youtube as well.