You can either be a random, casual gamer who is here to explore a game and have fun with online friends or take your role seriously and become a professional esports gamer. When you are considering the latter, it means that you love the idea of pro gaming and see it more than just a source of recreation. If you have been spending an hour every day in gaming to have some fun, maybe you can dedicate this time to consider pro gaming. The esports industry is growing with every new game in the market. It is the right time to consider this as a career, and here is how you can do it.

Train for competitions

The sooner you are preparing for a new game’s tournaments, the better. You need to keep up with all the gamers who have joined the game just like you. You do not want to be the last one to reach the highest skills in the game. If you are good as a genre like FPS, practice an FPS game every day until you can compete at professional level competitions. Do not be afraid of losing a thousand times. Your aim is to get your name among the pros out there and come into the radar of pro gaming leagues of the game.


Have the right setup

You cannot give your best in the game when your PC is only able to deliver 40 fps in a game you are practising. It does not matter how bad you want to level up your game if your PC is a potato. You need the right investment in your gaming gear an find a machine can give you the desired 150 fps or more so you can experience the smooth game with standard quality graphics. Refer to the gaming PCs and gear that the pro players use to create your own gaming setup.

Build a brand

Entering pro-level esports is easy. You can register your team in a pro league and come in the top 10 to appear in the news charts. But if you do not have a brand image to back your team, you will be forgotten in no time no matter how good your team performed. Even when you win the entire championship, you will have to consider building a brand right there and then. Your gaming personality will help your professional career to get more brands to work with you, only when you have your own.


Build a network

While you are planning to build your fan base with a brand name, you also need to come under the radar of your rivals and fellow gamers. The network does not mean having just your friends to hand out with, but members of popular teams, gaming brands, and other pro gamers that you admire. Get to know them actively and create an impact in the gaming community while endorsing your career among them. Introducing yourself to these people can get you more sponsorships and events in the future that will help your career.