When you have aspirations to become a sports player, you have a defined path that you need to follow. You can always enrol for the high school team, and then in the college games to follow your passion for football or any other traditional sport. eSports hasn’t set an easy path to pursue a career, like in the other sports. Almost all players are left to find their way into the gaming platforms by promoting themselves right from their childhood. A talent pipeline is also a subject that is being discussed quite often in the gaming industry for a few years now because of the demand for a better platform for the upcoming talents to display their skills. As eSports is developing with every passing year, the scope for the establishment of a structured pipeline is also broadening.

Prodigies in eSports

A 17-year-old gamer named Blaze Elmore who is a Thousand Oaks native is one among the first gamers to have found a place on this platform. When he had found his forte in the game “Clash Royale” in 2016, he started persuading his mother to take him to tournaments. However, his mother wasn’t interested in taking him since he had school to attend, and she had work. She had to give in to his harangues after a few months, and he started playing tournaments right after that. Elmore won a flat-screen TV and $200 at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, which was his seventh live competition.

It was this event hosted by Super League Gaming that pushed Elmore into the bigger eSports leagues. In 2019, Elmore won almost every match at the club tournaments held by Super League club. This club had begun their journey in 2014 with the amateur multiplayer events at local movie theatres for the game “Minecraft”. Around 16 city-based club teams are organized by the company now, and all of them represent the games such as Minecraft, Clash Royale, and League of Legends.


Growth of eSports and Elmore

According to the reports, the viewership for “League of Legends” world tour was much higher than that for the Super Bowl. The Super League eSports business went public by raising around $25 million. Losses were a part of the investment in the initial days, but it managed to salvage its position in the race. Elmore was able to showcase his talents as an amiable person and a gamer while he was a part of the Super League’ Los Angeles Shockwaves club team.

The Dignitas scout averted their eyes to the performance of Elmore; they were quite impressed by his persona and gaming skills that they offered him a spot on their professional Clash Royale team. Blaze continued his work at Super League tournaments by spending several hours trying to boost his online presence. Overwatch has built a pipeline for the talents by opening up divisions for the players who have achieved sufficient feats in the competitions. Also, League of Legends has set up a similar system to make sure that the best talents are identified.