The world is changing with every minute, and everything in it has to evolve to its optimal form too. As technology is not planning to cease its development, the needs and demands of the people are bound to increase with time. Huge stadiums are filled with players and viewers from different parts of the world. The tournaments are becoming huger every year; so, the eSports industry is also at an all-time high, which is most likely to rise again in the coming years.

eSports agendas being pushed by the developers are increasing as the investments are piling up along with the sponsorship deals. Sporting giants such as NFL, Formula 1, and FIFA have also become a part of eSports due to this immense popularity. For anyone new to this field may find it strangely confounding. Here is a short guide that you can peruse if you want to know more about the eSports industry.

eSports- The Royalty of Gaming

Although many people get involved in the eSports business at various stages, most of them might not know the exact definition of it. eSports can be defined as video game competitions that involve professional players who have been proving their excellence over the years. It is a well-organized event that takes place every year for the fans to rush into to make money. These gamers play for the prestige and to make large sums of money. eSports are not necessarily the colourful events held at massive stadiums; they can also be the local matches that take place at small gaming halls. By 2021, the eSports industry is expected to hit a viewership of at least 560 million and is also estimated to be worth nearly 2 billion dollars.

Royalty of Gaming

History of eSports

For the people who are new to the field of eSports, everything might seem like a fresh concept. Even the people who have been making money from the industry for a long time now are not aware of the true history. Most of them consider it a fairly recent phenomenon, but it is actually an event that began in 1972. The first season of the tournament started at the Stanford University, where the students played Spacewar by competing against one another. However, it was only in the ’80s that the first true video game tournament began with around 10,000 attendees.

The Space Invaders Championship ushered in the era of video gaming where players focused on beating the high scores rather than finding their space in the organized tournament to have a healthy competition. Nintendo and Sega started holding professional gaming tournaments in the ‘90s. As the popularity of the internet grew, the whole industry witnessed a boom.

Watching eSports Games

If you are interested in watching eSports, begin your journey with YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer. There are other platforms too that broadcast eSports, but these three are the most popular ones because of the convenience. Of all the games that were played in eSports, Overwatch, League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Street Fighter, Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm, DotA 2, Hearthstone, and Call of Duty became the favorites of the viewers and gamers.